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Little did I know that a Bengali learner could walk this way. chin up and head high, eyes filled with dreams to achieve but yes impossible sounds 'I' am possible only here at St. Valentine Institute. It not only helped me break the shell of shyness but also pushed me to fly high with flying colours..colours of Success. I could now so well penetrate in to all zones-both informal and professional gathering. Enable to read out my opinions with full confidence. Thanks to St. Valentine Institute to build a better "ME"  

My name is Shreshtha Adhikary. I am a student of St. Valentine Institute at Gariahat. At first I would like to thanks St. Valentine Institute because they help me to communication with people very smoothly. on 17th April 2014 I took admission for spoken english course in the St. valentine Institute. I am very happy for their teaching method. They are carefuly teach their student. I hope all the students will be able to learn better english from this Institute in future. According to me student who have not speak in english fluently take this spoken english course without any doubt. Finaly I wish to St. Valentine Institute you their bright success.

St. Valentine Institute is a divison of "The Professionals". it is situated at Gariahat in Kolkata. I was admited in this school as a student on 15th June in 2013 for improving the soft skills in English. This institute help me a lot to improve the soft skills in English. He arranged rapid fire, H.R. Interviews for us to develop our communication skills in English. Recently he started to teach english for Secondary and Higher Secondary level. He also started course for B.Tech, B.Ed, Phd, NIOS. Now this Institute becomes very popular in Kolkata.  

I have got admission in a renowned Institution "St. Valentine Insttitute". I am really glad to be a student of this Institution. The teaching staffs are veryfondly and the teach us with morden techniques. in a short time now I am able to speak fluently in English. I am really benefited to be a student of this Institution. I am sure if I follow their techniques marvel to marvel, I must shine in life.  

As english is essential in evry prospect of life, so we should now this language properly. Before starting our career we have to built our personality and english speaking helps to make our personality more stronger. "St. Valentine Institute" offers us the combo of spoken english and personality development. In our present generation a friendly 'teacher - student' relationship in this Institution. We can share all our queries with the teacher, so they can help us to make ourselves letter. I join it for my betterment, now its your turn.....  

The Institution "St. Valentine Institute" I have got admission in there. I'm really thankful to be a student of this Institution. There teaching techniques are very good and the teacher are also very friendly and their behaviour The Institute is very good and different from the others. If I follow their teaching process then I know that I improve myself.  

I have got join a institute, 'St. Valentine Institute'. The institute teaching technique really wonderful and different then others institute. There has teaching a great technique that we just not study we enjoy the study. There has teacher are so frankly behave with us. They teaching us so carefully. So. at a little time we speak fluency english. I really proud of myself that I admission on this. I really  hopefully about the institute if I stea there long time. I improve myself much better.